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The Domino Theory...

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JV Alert

The Domino Theory...
By Phil Basten and Jane Mark (JPE Advertising)

Most of us know what dominos are and many of us
have seen those amazing demonstrations when a
massive number of dominos are set in a somewhat
magical array and the creator pushes one domino
over and they all fall down in harmony one after
the other.

It's called the domino theory and if you do it just
right it works and looks spectacular.

Wouldn't it be great if online businesses worked this

It would be terrific if you could set up all your
business dominos (strategies) and have them fall
in just the right direction, wouldn't it?

Guess what?

indowin poker You can, and it's easier than you think.

Ken McArthur and Sid Hale, two seasoned marketers,
have put together a brilliant program that allows you
to do this easily and quickly.

The program's called JV Alert.

It allows veteran and inexperienced marketers alike
to get together with other marketers and do the
kind of Joint Venture deals we all dream about.

When this site first opened over a year ago, My
partner Jane and I jumped at the chance to be
involved. It was a decision that has proved fruitful
many times over.

We had one goal in mind at that time and that was
to connect with someone who could help us sell an
ebook we had written called 'Joe? Yes, Mable?
Are We Rich Yet?'

Because of JV alert's unique service and reach,
we were able to put out a call for a joint venture
partner instantly.

In walked a joint venture partner who help us
get the now well-known Joe and Mable show off
the ground.

In its first major Joint Venture, our company, JPE
Advertising was able to meet other influential
marketers such as Joe Vitale, Shawn Casey,
Mike Glaspie, Mark Joyner, Ken McArthur, Jim
Daniels and then continue to do exclusive deals
one after the other.

It only takes one successful joint venture to open
the doors to many others.

If you have a great idea and some talent, it's not
that hard to get yourself firmly entrenched into
the exciting world of Joint Ventures and the dominos
will soon begin to fall your way.

Where do you start.
AT JV alert.

Jane Mark and Phil Basten run a successful ad agency
online and have been helping internet marketers
succeed for 8 years. website

You can talk to them in person about JV alert and
their experiences in their online office at:

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    The Domino Theory...

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